The Vanessa, original name Träumerei II was built in 1953 by Graham Bunn of Wroxham.

She was built for Mr.C. H .Roe who incidentally, was the chairman of Graham Bunn. Designed by R.M. Martins.

Mr. Roe who was a leading business man manufacturing omnibus's in the midlands supplied a lot of the very fine Burma teak and the two Thorneycroft engines, also some very unusual extras such as the large bus windows in the decks house and Bus ceiling lights.

Her original name Träumerei II was chosen we believe from information received from a family friend of Mr. Roe's. Because Träumerei from Schubert was one of his favourite melodies.

Why Träumerei II, what happened to the first one, we believe, but are not certain on this point she was built slightly smaller 43 ft., the hull was made, and Mr. Roe decided it was too small, this boat was then completed and sold.

 I read in the 

"In 1953 George Formby bought the motor cruiser “”Traumerei” which had been built by Windboats in 1950 and renamed it “Lady Beryl”, although this was sold in 1957 when the newly commissioned “Lady Beryl II” was launched."


Here is an article from Träumerei and photos as lady Beryl.

Now named Lady Beryl


This is the Träumerei II

Graham Bunn's Flagship


This is Lady Beryl II (We Think)

See how the Bows are very similar to Träumerei II

Is this the same boat? Now with name. Can you spot the difference?

I would like to thank The Norfolk-Broads Forum for these photos and a very special thanks to Mr. Ian Muchall who helped with  information and photos which he inherited from his great uncle Mr C. H. Roe. and anyone else who might have contributed or has the copyrights on any photos reproduced on this web page.